I call myself a ceramist, and work primarily on abstract sculptures and objects for public commissions and exhibitions.
Skulpturer My work can be divided into three main categories. Under Objects, you will find pieces that can be held in the hand, they can be hybrids of archetypes and abstract shapes. They are often created through a press mould technique, in which the shape itself is moulded. When the model is finished, a plaster mould is made of it. The clay is rolled out in a sheet, and then pressed into the plaster mould. After it has dried a little and the plaster mould has been removed, the object is removed for further drying and firing.
Skulpturer The sculptures are abstract works, which are often in a somewhat larger format. Their expression is often organic and movement is an important theme.

Functional design is about prosaic objects like plates and cups, but also function in a wider perspective, e.g. a bench with a built-in heating element so that it also functions as a heater, plates which can be filled with boiling water in order to keep food warm longer.