Fabelform - 2006

A collaboration with the cultural school sector in Kristiansand and Sørlandet Art Museum, in which a competition was held inviting all schools in Kristiansand to participate in a decorative project at their own school. The winner of the competition was Slettheia school.

The project
The pupils in years 5-7 made ceramic elements that were glued as a mosaic onto a sand-cast sculpture in the school playground. The pupils work freely with respect to theme and the given framework: no letters or names, no larger than 7x7cm, no smaller than 3x3cm and no sharp edges.

1300° i Smia (1300o in the smithy), wood-burning project - 2004

13 ceramists, students, enthusiasts and a gallery owner from Southern Norway carried out this project under the leadership of Ole Morten Rokvam from Risør in the backyard of Galleri Smia in the centre of Kristiansand. The 6-metre long furnace was built, loaded and fired in the course of one long week in December.

Identitetsprosjekt, (Identity project) Tinntjønn school, Søgne - 2002

This project was initiated by Snorre Aalberg, the former principal of Tinntjønn lower secondary school. It consists of all the pupils creating an egg-inspired shape in clay. After firing, they are mounted on a large concrete sculpture with built-in heating cables situated in the school playground. The egg shape has been chosen because it can be associated with the individual and creates identity. Since all the pupils are involved, they will feel a sense of ownership in relation to the sculpture, which is positive.
The project, which was launched in 2002 in connection with the opening of the school has been put on hold on account of a number of factors: financial, initiative, work commitments.