Transform, Sørlandets Art Museum, Kristiansand - 2006

The title refers to space, spheres, planets and atmosphere.
The work consists of approx. 12,000 porcelain orbs mounted on steel pins drilled into a 16 m2 wall. The steel pins have different lengths so that the balls form an undulating surface that starts in the centre and moves outward like ripples in water.

The orbs are plaster moulds of glass balls, originally waste from the production of stemmed glasses.

Place, Old Søgne Vicarage - 2004 with Ann Beate Tempelhaug

Our work communicates reciprocally on several levels, and we therefore chose to exhibit the pieces in groups in order to emphasise this. The exhibition features work from several different periods.

The title of the exhibition refers to the strong ties and instincts people have always felt for places that are ideal and unique, that touch us in a special way, an intuitive consciousness. Søgne Gamle Prestegård is exactly this type of place.

Søgne Kunstlag (Søgne art association) invited us to exhibit and organised the exhibition.

Three Quart, Hå Vicarage - 2004

Together with textile artist Irene Myran and metal artist Lise Schønberg I received an invitation from Galleriet Hå Prestegård in Jæren to create an exhibition. We worked individually but had each other's work in mind, as well as the unique space and surroundings at Hå, during preparation and work on the exhibition.

The exhibition was supported by the Arts Council Norway.

Risør art association - 2003

A group exhibition with ceramist Sidsel Hanum og metallkunstner Lise Schønberg.

Temperatur temperament, Sandnes art association - 2003 with Ann Beate Tempelhaug

Having exhibited together in Bergen and Molde, we received an invitation to exhibit from Sandnes Kunstforening in 2002. A selection of works is shown here, with the theme of temperament, which is associated with movement, the use of colour and moods.

Living Water, Centrum Goed Werk, Zulte, Belgia - 2001

The exhibition consists of recent and earlier work, and ranges from large sculptures to miniature objects. The movement of water is a recurring theme for all of these abstract pieces. A series of experimental serving dishes have been mounted in neat columns to serve as a contrast - like bubbles rising or drops falling. Read curator Tania de Bruycker's article here.